Summer 2017


It is evident that gendered marketing is still a large part of the cosmetics industry. Cosmetics targeted for a female audience uses a wide variety of colors and "utilizes floral motifs and sexually evocative names" according to The Independent Newspaper. On the other hand, cosmetics targeting a male audience would stick to a neutral, grey or blue color scheme. A hypothetical lotion brand, chéri aims to remove gender-biased branding. This is reflected in the brand's name, Chéri, which means darling in French in the masculine/default form.


chéri aims to produce lotion that serves not only the purpose of hydrating the skin but to also as a scent. Locally and ethically produced, chéri's products feature illustrations of prominent buildings and sites in Singapore. The brand's logo features waves, inspired by the island's shores and constantly evolving population. Like how different people that come to Singapore help develop and bring the country to new heights, chéri aims to support these individuals' lives by elevating their self-care routine.


What I learned

Growing up, I only saw foreign brands in malls around town, thus when I conceptualized chéri, I wanted a brand that had a strong national identity. It taught me the basis of a brand identity and I was able to experiment with different versions of posters, product labels and name cards for employees of the company.



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