A City's Buildings is a printed design on a black canvas tote bag.

A City's Buildings

  • A City's Buildings canvas tote bag features a zipper pocket on the inside and magnetic snaps that closes the opening shut.

    Length: 33 cm

    Width: 9 cm

    Height: 37 cm

  • A City's Buildings was inspired by the many HDB blocks and apartment complexes in Singapore. Whenever I return to our garden city, parts of the city looks drastically different from the last time I was here, but the HDB blocks with their colourful exteriors never fails to assure me that I am home. They are scattered throughout the island, constantly reminding me of the Singapore I knew as a child– hanging clothes on bamboo poles outside of our windows and running down when I hear the ice cream uncle's magical bell or to chop the basketball court once the other children were done playing. 

    I hope that as you carry this bag around, it will remind you of fond childhood memories that are uniquely Singaporean. 



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